Holiday Matinee turns 10 with CAUSE FOR DRINKS!

On August 19th, Holiday Matinee turns 10. We’re supposed to blow out candles, pat ourselves on the back and buy a foosball table. But that seems selfish. So we decided to think bigger. It’s our birthday and nothing would make us happier than giving back. So we’re celebrating with the third installment of Cause For Drinks. The W Hotel’s rooftop Beach will be the spot August 19th from 5-9PM. And if Holiday Matinee’s 10-year anniversary isn’t cause enough for drinks, we found one that is. We’ll be celebrating our philanthropic nature with Friends of TOMS, a non-profit on a mission to prevent a debilitating disease called Podoconosis. Friends of TOMS is extinguishing this disease by giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that is purchased. Food and drinks will be offered at discounted pricing and we’ll be giving Friends of TOMS 25% of sales from the entire event. We take care of you. You take care of the kids. Yeah, it sure does feel good to turn 10. Please RSVP here for entry.