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Think Indie

Hello ThinkIndie! It’s like iTunes but your money goes to support indie artists. Be it punk, reggae, hip-hop or greaser, this is where I’m now going to do all my digital downloading. And did I mention the track previews are double that of iTunes? Yup, I’m sold. Especially on this new Green Tea record. So sick!

Green Tea / ThinkIndie

Doulbe-zip sports bag for the GQ enthusiast

Sometimes you just need to step it up and get yourself a damn good sports bag. We’re talking stylish, durable and not something you’d buy at the Apple Store. This is Qwstion. Great for flights (built in 17-inch laptop sleeve), weekends or the gym. Even transforms into a backpack with built-in shoulder straps. Ready to step up your game?

sports bag

Will Ferrell answers internet questions

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Will Ferrell.

Nylon gives us some love

If you haven’t already heard, Nylon Magazine wrote up a post today on our artist series shirts! How unbelievably sweet is that? We’re ecstatic about the love and support that we’ve been getting and would like to give Nylon a big thanks from all of us at Holiday Matinee.

Nylon + Holiday Matinee

Cute as a button

I’m obsessed with people-watching. And when it comes to fashion, is like having your own personal trendspotter. The site is so well designed I feel like I’m in the know from SF to Sydney.

vintage dress

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