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Forget cell biology, become an illustrator!

Meet Aurelie Grand, a 25-year old French artist now residing in Montreal. After studying cell biology and animal behaviour, life had no more secrets so she decided to be an illustrator. Based on what I’ve seen, the transition is paying off. When not drawing, Grand feeds herself with japanese food, chai lattes and Elliott Smith. Yup, I can get into that.


A very unsubtle HIV ad and I like it

Bleublancrouge of Montreal has developed this very unsubtle HIV ad. Definitely gets your attention, huh?


Adidas bringin’ back the Rod Laver. Oh snap!

Adidas throwback a chill nod with the Undefeated Rod Laver collaboration. Tennis sneakerheads are lighting it up. Oh snap!


A few kind words make it all worthwhile

Plant-It 2020, the beneficiary of our artist series t-shirts, just wrote up their 2009 summary and highlighted our involvement. It’s a real honor to be recognized and they went as far to say that “Holiday Matinee is among the hippest, most honest and enthusiastic companies” and “When it comes to marrying cool and professional, we haven’t seen any company that remotely comes close.” Well…we’re blushing and are just glad to have helped out such a great cause. Let’s keep planting those trees!


All zippered up

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a building zippered up before. Oh those wacky people of  Uruguay! [via Wooster Collective]


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