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Paul Smith makes Evian water cool again

Paul Smith just made Evian cool again. Seriously, it’s amazing what package design can do to influence your buying habits. The limited edition collection will be available at restaurants more expensive than I can afford beginning in November 2009. More photos and a nifty making-of video with Paul Smith over at design boom.


Cereal Killers. Get it?

This is one of the best concepts for an art show I’ve ever seen. Artist Patrick Ballesteros has created an entire show based around the gruesome and horrible murders of our most beloved cereal icons including Captain Krunch and the Lucky Charms leprechaun. The art gallery Subtext located in downtown San Diego on Kettner Blvd. is hosting the show from October 2nd to Nov 1st. Be there, it should be a good time.



More orchestra than instrument

If Beethoven only knew, he’d probably be turning in his grave. This Frankenstein monster of an instrument, built by Diego Stocco, is one part violin, one part viola, one part cello, crammed on to the body of a double bass. He calls it the Experibass. Check out this video of him playing it in every way imaginable, it’s actually really incredible.

Making city streets safer for bikes

With Dave in NYC this week, I thought I’d share this video about a project in NY that has made the Sands Street approach to the Manhattan Bridge safer and more enjoyable for bicyclists. It’s smart, urban planning that improves the quality of life and reminds us that cities were not made just to accommodate automobiles. Just sayin’.

Would you sport this watch?

Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos is either smoking a lot of weed or enjoys confusing the way we tell time. This is hit latest concept watch, Ora. More wacky images can be digested on Design Boom.




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