Do Tell: Chad Rea

Chad Rea is one busy dude, just don’t ask him what he’s up to. The former go-to creative for name brand agencies now has his entrepreneurial feet planted and about to unleash full on good on the planet. Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, Portland is Chad’s backdrop and home to the soon to be re-released ecopop. While Chad can easily be known for his impeccable personality, creative coaching and speaking abilities, ecopop is Chad’s masterpiece. Think of it as a philosophy, a lifestyle brand, and an active community of leading professionals and diverse businesses that collaborate to help solve local and global issues through creativity. The launch is currently set for January 2010 but in the meantime, we asked the all-star creative to dish on 2 things he’s totally jazzed about right now. Check em out after the jump.

Chad Rea is the man!

If you would’ve asked me this question yesterday, I might have suggested something else, like Drop 7 and RedLaser–my latest iPhone obsessions. But today, I received two things in the mail that I couldn’t be happier about.

Shoe Goo – I am a shoe, music, and T-shirt whore. This product serves my somewhat obscure shoe brand obsession. I pretty much latch on to a favorite pair and wear them till they fall off. Now, with Shoe Goo, I can prolong their life and keep them out of a landfill a wee bit longer. Now, if only someone would make an eco-friendly alternative to Shoe Goo, they’d be rich and be mindful of the planet at the same time. Anyone? Anyone?

Ephrem’s Bottle Cutter Kit – I am also a beer and wine monger. Where do you think all those ideas comes from? Just kidding. I tend to buy aluminum cans over bottles, but when I occasionally end up with a recycle bin full of bottles, I can’t help to feel somewhat guilty. Now I can make some kitsch drinking glasses, bowls, and whatever else I’m sure all my friends and family will quickly get sick of. What? Don’t think you’re not getting a set for Christmas. I mean, if you don’t like them, you must hate the planet, right? I knew you’d come around.