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Chipotle’s new branding is awesome

America’s favorite burrito chain got a new look and it’s totally aces. The new packaging consists of hand-drawn messages from customers, employees and even ingredients. It’s the perfect branding to make you forget that they’re owned by McDonalds. Check out more photos over at Lovely Package. The soda cup is my favorite.


Everything is on it’s way to becoming something else

“Things must be destroyed so that they can be created.” This is the philosophy behind artist David Carson and his incredibly vibrant work. If you’re anywhere within five thousand miles of Beacon, make sure you find a way to check out his awesome new Monsters Installation. Here’s a sneak peek. You’ll never think of mashups the same.


Gift Guide: Evercalendar by Furni Creations

We love Furni. They’re badass furniture and accessory designers from Montreal. And just today they released a beautiful new calendar that makes anyone who appreciates good design just drool. It’s made from solid walnut with white acrylic tabs and black and orange vinyl decals. And yes, that’s helvetica. And yes yes, I’m adding this to my wish-list.


Gift Guide: t-shirts that lower your utility bill

Not to be too biased but our artist series shirts make the best holiday presents. For twenty bucks, you give someone a gift that pays it forward. We donate 100% of the proceeds, so twenty trees get planted, and with more trees we reduce our carbon footprint, have cleaner air to breathe and lower our utility bills. All shirts are tag-free, 100% organic and come in mens and womens sizes. Let’s hear it for cool gifts that support cool causes. Buy here.

i love u

dressed to kill

words (artist series)

Porn Spam Buttons

These buttons are some of the best things to come from internet sensations since lawl cats. They take real porn spam subject lines and turn them into buttons you can wear. I think the “Working on Nipples” and “Riding Seksi Bich” ones are my favorite. Best part, the buttons raise funds for SIECUS (Sexuality Information & Education Council of the United States) thus creating value and worth from the most worthless of modern blights. Buy them at Seksi Spam Buttons.


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