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Hello San Francisco

I love the Bay Area, there’s an energy here that makes me feel alive and excited. This Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be debuting “Creativity On Wheels“, a new project that delivers a single nugget of creative inspiration to anyone that stops by our booth at Thread. I’m totally humbled because we’ve received such amazing support for this project. As an entrepreneur, this support truly motivates me on our mission to spread creativity to the masses. So here’s to you for bringing people together for the creative good. You help put the unity in community and I’m incredibly grateful to have your support. Be sure to check the HM twitter/facebook feeds as I’ll be posting all the action as it goes down at Thread. If you have friends in the Bay Area, tell them to come out and say hello. And of course, if you want to contribute to our creative endeavor, click here. We’re just two weeks away from reaching our goal and so appreciate your support, bigtime!


Gift Guide: When shopping turns to giving

For the past three months I’ve been living in my TOMS Shoes. It’s impossible to deny this company knows how to do business. So this holiday season, instead of buying gifts where the transaction ends at the point of purchase, give a gift that pays it forward. TOMS offers a ton of styles and you’ll love meeting other TOMS-wearing people. It’s sort of like the Prius-driving cult but better.


The Messenger: a great new film about a job I would never want

The Messenger is a new film written and directed by Oren Moverman, a former
Israeli paratrooper and writer of one of my favorite books, Jesus’ Son. It stars Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson asĀ  casualty notification officers and follows them in their day to day
routine of telling families that their loved ones have passed. That’s a job I definitely wouldn’t want to have but incredibly interested in seeing pulled off on the big screen. It’s a very powerful film that will be screening in San Diego this Friday and Saturday. For the love of good cinema, I urge you to see it.

The Messenger

A trunk show turned fundraiser

It’s good to see independent designers and artists coming together more often at trunk shows. Not only are prices lower and you get to meet the people responsible for some of the best fashion and art today but it saves us from going to the mall, and in my book, that’s a damn good thing. This Sunday, San Diego will play host to the 1+1 Trunk show. Over 30 vendors will be showcasing their latest works including recycled handbags made from jeans by Dear Cora. I’ve seen them in person and they’re awesome. Best part, the event is a fundraiser for a local, alternative school. If you’re in town, check it out and you might even find some Holiday Matinee goods!


Gift Guide: WTF Snowglobe

WTF…Pretty much what you’re thinking every time you see a snow globe. Problem is, you secretly love those magical, glittery snow filled domes, but what would people think? We’ve got ya covered. This globe has a snarky sculpture inside, sure to get your sentiments across before anyone passes judgment on your choice of home or desk furnishing.

WTF Snowglobe

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