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Timepiece bling

Flava Flav 2.0! Each is hand-made by Providence-based artist Ben Fino-Radin. Available for fifteen bucks on the very cool indie shop Golden Age.


For you, by us.

Kiran’s off to NY. Nick’s staying put in San Diego.  And me, well I’m hoping on Virgin America in an hour to San Francisco. 2009’s been an epic year in so many ways but I’m looking forward to these holidays being over and hittin’ 2k10 hard. Here’s a holiday card we made with our pal Ben Hansen. Feel free to use it if you’re in a last-minute bind. Oh, and don’t forget your Holiday Matinee tomorrow (I’m going to see Up In The Air).  Cheers!


Lunch or heartburn? You decide.

Looks can be so deceiving. Viva el heartburn!

hello yummy yummy

Let’s do good tonight! Eve Before the Eve Party!

I’m really honored to have been asked to DJ tonight’s “Eve Before the Eve Party”. One dollar from every drink will benefit the Lindsay Community School’s pregnant & parenting teens and their children. It’s all happening happy hour tonight at the world famous Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, San Diego. I’ll be DJ’ing from 6-7PM followed by Dirty Needless. The event is being hosted by the awesome people of Citizen-Video. If you’re in town, I hope you’ll cruise out and drink for a good cause.


The future of education: World leading life long learning

If/when I have kids, I am so encouraging an education at Hyper Island. There are no teachers, grades or exams. Instead you have real-life lessons in the fields of creativity, design and business. It’s quite refreshing to see creative thinking and learning in a school-format. Here’s a great video that explains the experience. And if you’re involved with Hyper Island, drop us a line as we’d love to collaborate!

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