Do Tell: Lou Mora

If Vegas had a spread for emerging-photographers going bigtime, my money would be on Lou Mora. I’ve known Lou for a few years now and I can’t say I’ve met another individual more dedicated and passionate about his craft than Lou. He recently packed his San Diego bags and made the move to Los Angeles. And while I’m sad to see my friend leave the neighborhood, I’m confident his new digs will enable a fruitful career that’s destined to explode. So, before he split town, I hit him up for two things he’s totally excited about and why. And as usual, the man delivered.

Lou Mora

1. Well, at the end of next week Sarah and I are moving to LA. We found an amazing house on the west-side and I’m really looking forward to a fresh start in a new city. You know that feeling of getting lost while exploring different neighborhoods and finding that little hole-in-the-wall joint that has the best curry or dim sum? That’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to. And of course the art! So much art everywhere from top end galleries to stumbling upon a Banksy on Melrose (that actually happened already). LA can get a bad rep for the traffic but there’s a reason why there are so many people there, there’s a ton to do. And if you’re in the creative field, it’s the place to be!

2. Is it just me or do we all have this amazing optimistic attitude for 2K10? It’s not just me… it’s seems like it’s everyone. I’m really digging it. People are smiling at one another, holding the door open for the person behind you, getting creative and doing what it is that they aspire to. It’s awesome!