Do-Tell: Bob Nanna

Always something there to remind of Bob Nanna. From pop culture films and graphic t-shirts to some of the most influential songs of the late nineties. If my generation had a soundtrack, it’d be written by Bob Nanna. In the mid-nineties he led the much under-appreciated punk band, Friction. Then it was Braid – a band so energetic and inspiring, kids like me would drive six hours just to witness a live show. Today, Bob’s repertoire consists of managing social media and marketing for Threadless, stumping people in 80’s music trivia and being a thirty-something who dicks around in FourSquare. He’s a guy filled with so much positive energy and action, to use the word “admire” is an understatement. So I asked Bob what two things he’s totally excited about right now and why. 566 words later and ya don’t stop.


#1 – 2010

2009 was a serious kickintheass shitstorm from day one, if i remember. And believe me, I try not to. Some mind-blowing lowlights included the breaking of my hand (due to an unfortunate encounter with a door), the passing of 2 dogs via dubious means, the passing of my newly formed band via dubious means, the draining of my bank account (see aforementioned unfortunate accident and add a side of recurring cancer scans), and a big wholesome barrelful of bonafide wtf moments too personal and gruesome to put to “paper.” When i slammed the door shut (with my good hand) on 2009, I slammed it good. New Years morning, I woke up refreshed, jumped in the car and immediately bought a 2010 calendar (featuring bulldogs).

I was going to take advantage of every single day by making sure I did something worthwhile and positive – and then marking it on the calendar. Day 1: went out to brunch with friends, drove to casino in Indiana, made some money with my soon-to-be-trademarked roulette system, went back to a hotel room for afterparty and random trivia questions. 15 fucking people in one room*! Day 2: Notable fun. See where this is going? It’s January 27 and that calendar is FULL. It’s 9 am and i have no real plans for today. Maybe I’ll start on a new song? Whatever i do, i can’t wait to put it on the calendar!

The rest of the year looks shiny as ever. I have an unreleased CD I’m going to try and release. I have trips planned to a Wisconsin cabin, Kauai, and possibly France! Things at Threadless couldn’t be busier or better. There’s talk of a tour there as well. So… wherever I end up on December 31, we won’t be slamming doors, we’ll be fondly filing away memories of a great great year. I think i’ll go with beagles next year. I’m a fan of beagles.

* Much different than 15 people fucking in one room. Yeesh.

#2 – Brunch

Brunch is the wonderfully polygamous marriage of the following things that i find wonderful: sleeping late, weekends, food (specifically breakfast), bloody marys, a whole ton of friends, and occasionally football.* Often the weekend ritual of brunch is the very beginning of a wonderful day. As can be seen above, it can lead to the casino, but during the summer months, well gawdamn if it doesn’t end up in my alley in vicious rounds of that ol’ playground romp Four Square OR on my back deck for some other activity that i’m WAY too old to be partaking in.

My Chicago has 3 brunches from which to choose. There’s the all you can eat variety that’s insanely cheap with low quality food, the bar/grill variety that’s often walking distance, offering a decent selection of food and hyperbolic drinks. And lastly, there’s the high end we-make-POMEGRANATE-mimosas and CHIPOTLE-bloody-marys type of establishment, steep on price but good for special occasions.

Generally brunch works better in groups and away from home*… but it always tastes better when it happens around noon, soon after waking up from a long night of fun. That way, in between sips of your drinks and bites of your omelets, you can laugh and ask, “did I really throw a plastic chair into a tree?”

* But that’s not to say i wouldn’t put the motherfuckin’ hurt on you with my homemade asparagus quiche.

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