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Tiny houses that are as cute as buttons

I love the coziness of these tiny houses from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They’re adorable and more importantly, friendly to the environment. Jay Shafer started this company because he was concerned about the impact a large house would have on the environment. The tiny houses don’t have too much unused space and they’ve been designed with a lot of attention to how every bit of space can be useful for storage.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

No strings attached.

One of the things we love best is when two companies collaborate in a way that most people wouldn’t expect, and that’s what two of our favorite companies out there have done: Threadless and Field Notes. That’s right ladies and gentleman, the question of whether or not Field Notes could get any cooler has been answered with the introduction of the Threadless Field Notes memo book.


Photography as intuition

I like to think of photography as a skill where the artist instinctively knows a shot has potential – before it’s even taken. Sure I know it’s a lot more technical than that and has its own science, but it sure is more appealing to me this way. That’s the feeling I get when looking at photos on SF based photographer Jenn Farmer’s website. She just gets it. This blend of a young woman and cheetah is one of my favorites by her.



This is honestly one of the most innovative and fun eco-friendly ideas we’ve seen since the Kleen Kanteen came out. I mean it’s a moving paradox: the smog from the car is killing the environment which is being supported by the plants growing in the bed. That’s just great. We love to see young people doing things their own way and our hat goes off to you Wicked Delicate.

How to keep cool with Igloo

Now your car can look as fresh as you do in a pair of Igloo shades. I love when simple design enters into new mediums that we wouldn’t normally think of, and this is a prime example. Who’d have thought a car shade could be so pretty?¬†While you’re at the store in Little Italy buying your car some shade, feel free to pick up a copy of our book. Good stuff from great people.


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