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Every day is an opportunity to make things happen

If you’re feeling a little lost in your career or just need a little inspiration, help is here. In his latest book Linchpin, Seth Godin spends some serious time explaining a new economy that is in dire need of real emotional labor. As it turns out, that’s great news for anyone willing to listen because it makes them empowered and an indispensable part of any organization. Rockstar sections for me included overcoming the resistance (self-doubt), gift culture and creating a map instead of always following directions, but there’s really a lot to love here. It’s a book that forces us to acknowledge just how silly our excuses are and make things happen. I’m telling all my friends they need to read this.

Linchpin by Seth Godin

A t-shirt that’s simple, subtle and ready for summer

Special edition t-shirt for the Institubes Express European Tour. Artwork by Schönwehrs. Who knew putting boat shoes on a tee was all it took? Damn I’m easy. Available here.

Record Makers one-finger app for iPhone is drool-worthy

Record Makers is an independent French label celebrating 10 years. For the occasion, contemporary artists Mrzyk & Moriceau have conceived a truly surrealistic game in which you can create random art with one finger and win awesome prizes. Download the free app here but first check out the most amazing animated video promo, ever. It’s below silly.

Ford is paying your admission to the Fiesta

At the core of Holiday Matinee’s business philosophy is supporting local, independent entrepreneurs. So when Ford Motor Company asked Sezio and us to design a giant mural highlighting 10 local hotspots in San Diego, we jumped on the opportunity. We recruited our pal Josh Boston to help carry out our vision and the mural is now up –  located on the corner of 30th and Redwood in North Park / South Park.

To celebrate our first collaboration with Ford, we’re going to spend more of their money and throw a giant party. Mark the date: Tuesday, April 13 at Bar Basic. Several of the businesses featured in our mural will be opening pop-up stores and let’s just say, it’s going to rule. Our friends at M Theory Records will be creating a mini record store and listening stations. Our pals at Subtext will be curating an amazing art show along with selling design books. Local non-profit Sezio will be screening neighborhood t-shirts. Holiday Matinee (that’s us) will be on-hand providing creative inspiration and our friends at Igloo will be showcasing super cool soft goods and accessories. It’s going to be an amazing night and if you RSVP, your name will be added to our super special guest list for free drinks and pizza.

Click here to see more photos of the mural going up. You’ll love it. For real. Do it.

Same hill, different day.

For two years, Paul Octavious visited this beautiful hill, snapping exquisite photos in a variety of settings. From dawn to dusk, the Chicago photographer takes us on a visionary journey, highlighting the locals, four seasons, and unique experiences he encounters along the way. Each day on the mound is a new adventure, and it’s compelling to watch the stories unfold. Appropriately titled “Same Hill, Different Day,” I’m definitely inspired to head for the hills. [via kris atomic]

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