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Sliding shelves, wooden boards and full-on living room utopia

Have you ever gone record shopping and bought an album based on cover-art alone? Well, I’m having that same gut reaction to seeing these sliding shelves. The boxes can be hanged, removed and slide freely, always changing the layout of the shelves. So friggin’ brilliant. The design is by Lutz Huning and available here. ¬†[thanks to BeginBeing for the tip-off]

Beck’s Record Club covers INXS

Beck’s Record Club is beyond cool. We’ve written about the concept before but Beck recently brought the band back together for a killer cover of INXS “Guns in the Sky”. Super rad to watch it all unfold in the studio.

Stop microwaving, start making

Attention people who are lazy but don’t want to go “full-lazy”: UK-based company Scratch presents kits with fresh, raw ingredients that are washed, measured and ready for you to make into delicious meals! It’s a great idea dreamed up by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, who also designed the packaging for it. Visit the website for more info about this awesome alternative to frozen dinners and maybe order one to try yourself. (via Dezeen)

Embrace the weird

I’m so grateful there are people in the world like Dan Deacon – just so eccentric you can’t help but smile. His first tv appearance on a local NBC station is a timeless classic because you know the producers had no idea what they were in for. I’d forgotten how funny this clip is.

Large scale, eco-friendly, temporary indoor art

I’m loving Bodega. They’re all about making the art of emerging and established artists alike, affordable and available to the public. Each piece, like the badass one below by Harsh Patel,¬†includes ready-to-apply art and tools for installation. Obsessed with process, Bodega creates high quality, layered die-cut vinyl art editions; representing some of the most captivating artists of our generation.

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