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Sugardale Clothing: Retro threads stitched for your silhouette.

Trista Dale Roland reaps what she sews, and the result is undeniably sweet. Named after the childhood moniker her grandpa gave her, Sugardale Clothing blends clean, classic design with bold and bright vintage patterns. Every garment is tailored to each unique figure, so dames with a short torso or more junk in the trunk need not fret. Roland proclaims “I love fit. I’ve always had a body that doesn’t really fit in standard things, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t either.”

For Roland, fabric selection comes before design. On her quest to find the perfect pattern, the seamstress spends hours browsing textile sites or stores, and ideas sprout instantly when she connects with a cotton or wool fabric. Sugardale’s studio location also supports our mantra that you’re only as creative as the company you keep, since the recently re-vamped headquarters is nestled inside The Glashaus, an artist collective in the Barrio Logan.

In an industry of mass market clothing, cheap materials, and simple production techniques, it’s exhilarating to discover designers that still appreciate the art of sewing. Tour the studio here and keep your eye on the Etsy shop, where polished shorts, jumpers and retro dresses fill virtual hangers this June.

For the vegans who miss Rice Krispies treats

It’s official. Holiday Matinee loves Dandies Marshmallows from Chicago Soydairy. We ate one, then two (or maybe a few more), and started sharing it with the people around us and they think the marshmallows are absolutely great. We could’ve shared them with strangers at bus stops, but I’ll share some info with you about them first. These marshmallows are a nice, gelatin-free alternative to those jet-puffed marshmallows you’ve been using in your homemade Rice Krispies treats. Gelatin is an ingredient that’s extracted from the collagen in the skin and bones of animals (sounds like witchcraft, yes, but it’s true) and this vegan treat provides you with the comfort of knowing that you’re not putting that stuff in your mouth. The marshmallows are available in different states, so check to see if you can get your hands on them yourself! Meanwhile, I will eat more…


This Summer, I’m definitely finding a good bar (with wifi) and posting up for some World Cup action! And to get things started, EA Sports has just released 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole!

Stussy XXX Anniversary Porter Wallet

Stussy celebrates 30 years with this sweet wallet collab w/ Porter. Definitely on the casual tip, I’m really diggin’ the colorways and texture. Pick it up here.

Word. Adjective. Pronoun.

I hope everyone has been able to snag tickets for Conan’s Legally Prohibited tour because it’s been awesome. Last night was our turn in San Diego, and besides Jason Mraz’s terrible performance, I was laughing non-stop. Comedic musician Reggie Watts can also take some of the credit. He’s a funny dude and had me looking this video up as soon as I got home.

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