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As if China needed to grow.

Once again Uniqlo’s doing it big, except this time it’s the biggest in the world. That’s right, come May 15 Uniqlo will be opening a new flagship store in Shanghai, that will be the biggest store in the world. Jesus, if the consumer apocalypse is coming, Uniqlo just bumped themselves up into first horseman position.

Could this be the sneaker of summer?

Dr. Romanelli and Levi’s teamed up for this new mid cut Chukka sneaker. Kind of an interesting collaboration but the results are definitely screaming for summer. What do you think?  [via High Snobiety]

Famous for being famous, Jean-Michel Basquiat

I’m a huge huge fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat. His work was so compelling and inspiring and yes I have a big Basquiat poster right when you walk into my home. I’m totally excited filmmaker Tamra Davis revisited her original interviews from the 80s and created this intimate documentary, “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child”. Basquiat will forever be remembered as one of the art world’s best and most vibrant, and as some say, he was famous for being famous. More info on the film here.

Yes, we’re that excited we made a 60-second radio spot!

We’re so pumped for this Friday’s Joel P West show we even made a 60-second radio spot that’s currently blasting the airwaves. Fear not if you don’t live in San Diego or can’t stand traditional radio (like us), you’re in luck, we posted the audio below! There are still a few tickets left but hurry!

Joel P West [radio promo]

Anthropomorphism has never been so cute and cheeky

In the amount of time I could’ve written and finished this post, I was looking through funny drawings on Mischief Champion. You should go to the website yourself and see why. Walruses discover themselves, cucumbers are asked how they feel about being cucumbers, and much more! (via OK Great)

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