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Even dogs can have their own options

Gangs of New Yorkie sounds like a dog parody of the Scorsese film, but it’s actually a boutique that sells some really snazzy handcrafted products for dogs. Their collars even come in all kinds of exotic skins (including crocodile) and name letter styles to fit your dog’s personality. I feel like going as far as getting a red one for my own pet (even if she’s a cat)! Cats really do deserve more!

A nicely-designed caption does a photo good

Designer Frank Chimero once said that good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because an idea wasn’t theirs. This idea is a good example of that. Ian Collins is a designer in San Francisco who takes photos from news sites and adds hilarious and clever captions to them using really nice typefaces worth e-mailing him about. The project is called The Big Caption. I’ve never smiled so much scrolling down a website!

Your cat deserves more!

Two of my favorite things about cats are they’re easily amused and super low maintenance. In fact, you can throw some cardboard together and boom, you’ve got a super chill cabin for your purring little friend. Grab this home sweet home over at designboom’s shop.

“It’s like watching someone take a dump in lingerie.”

That’s what TV Carnage had to say about Let’s Work It Out!!!, a “work-out” video that’s a combination of everything ridiculous and terrible in work-out television of the 80s plus so much more. The description of the video also mentions Elmo and porn stars: two things I never thought would be in the same sentence. Having said all that, I’m sure the soundtrack would be pretty awesome, too! If you’d like more weird/wtf-worthy insight about the video, you can check out this interview. If you’re as excited as I am about what TV Carnage has to offer, perhaps you’d like to check out their other videos and laugh. Or worry.

Indie culture is taking over

If you’re a parent, it’s safe to say pushing your kids onto indie culture is a wise  decision. Indie has never been more popular and signs of its demise are slimmer than a new Postal Service record. The top indie festivals are selling out, the best commercials are breaking indie bands and some of the biggest fashion trends are spawned from indie designers. Shit, even CVS is playing good music now. So what’s next? Comedy. That’s right, indie comics are hotter than BP Oil. David Cross, Reggie Watts, Eugene Mirman, Jon Benjamin, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford…and let’s not forget Aziz Ansari. Sure, MTV is lamer than Havaianas and while most of us won’t even watch the Movie Awards next week, it’s still a win for team indie. So, my advice to all you hipster parents, keep bumpin’ that chillwave, sportin’ those Field Notes and wavin’ your indie pride!

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