Wanna make things happen?

Everyone likes to talk about creative inspiration. And who can blame them? It’s sexy, exciting and completely freakin’ addictive. But the truth is that inspiration and idea generation are only a small step towards making something actually happen. The real challenge for creatives lies in focusing and following through to the end, even when it’s more appealing to start a fun, new project. This is exactly what Behance founder Scott Belsky’s new book, Making Ideas Happen is all about. Belsky has taken years of experience, research and observation to pinpoint exactly what the difference is between the geniuses that always deliver and everyone else. The book has a number of interesting takeaways including the value of staying organized (even if you pride yourself on your quirky and eclectic tendencies) and some ideas on how to hold yourself accountable for goals. It also has some great insights on how physical space can help or hinder productivity and the importance of finding colleagues that complement your strengths. Making Ideas Happen forced me to acknowledge some of my own flaws and insecurities (which I learned were actually quite common), but also had ideas on how to move past them.  It’s a read that’s totally worth the time if you’re serious about getting more accomplished – and for less than twelve bills on Amazon, it’d be silly not to see if you can learn as much from it as I did.