My new vacation spot for mid-century modern heaven

Martini, sun, poolside and not thinking about work. Yes, mini vacations are a serious part of the new creative’s ethos and Palm Springs is definitely the spot. Sure, there’s The Parker to say you saw Chelsea Handler get wasted, or The Ace Hotel & Swim Club where swimming in tight jeans is totally encouraged, but if you’re looking for a Mad Men, 1950’s mid-century modern flashback of style meets substance, look no further than Orbit In. The family-owned retro hotel boasts 9 rooms, a pool, jacuzzi, lush mountain views, complimentary happy hour, cruiser bikes, private patios and designer furnishings that’ll make it tough to decide if you should tell everyone about this amazing gem or keep it all to yourself. It’s a good problem to have and when you go, ask about their sister location, The Hideaway, which reminded me of all the vintage furniture my grandmother used to own but never realized how cool she had it. Yup, this place rules, did I mention it’s 21+ and they don’t allow pets? I think I just found my new favorite getaway spot.