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San Diego’s not just sandy eggos

Anyone in the know realizes the best of most everything is in San Diego proper, not the outskirts. But I will say I’m really glad to see URBANIST guide return for a 2nd print issue. For those unfamiliar to the name and game, it’s a handy fold out guide to SD’s hippest restaurants, boutiques, galleries, salons, bars and nightlife (heavily focused on the independent spots). And I’m huge on that because independent business owners are the people loving their work and working their love the hardest. The guide’s also perfect for visitors looking to avoid the tourist traps and even as a local I always find out about a few cool places I’ve overlooked.

The perfect gift for moody people

Say hello to “Moody” by Superdeux. He goes well with Hank Moody and your moody friends.

Nobody likes a downer.

Fresh off the laser cutting machine thingy, the Oh Curses necklaces elicit many enthusiastic f-bombs. I particularly like this one because Debbie Downers won’t waste their time approaching me. Buy one of each right here, and check out more foul-language-worthy goodness from our pals at Curse of the Multiples while you’re at it. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, smart horses wear glasses. Duh.

Stuff no one told me (but I learned anyway)

Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway) is a great blog by Alex Noriega, an illustrator from Barcelona. The pairing of witty advice with simple illustrations is priceless. Bookmark now!

Living simple is living well

Modern-Shed’s fully customizable living spaces were probably my favorite thing I saw at Dwell On Design in LA last Saturday. They set up a big unit on the show floor and after walking around in it, I totally saw the allure of it. The one I saw had a Pacific Northwest vibe to it the interior and was fully outfitted with kitchen appliances. I could see these things working real well for work studios, guest houses on a larger property or rentals to escape with some friends summer camp style. Their whole concept of simplifying life down to what you really need and eliminating clutter is just awesome.

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