2 things Guy Kawasaki is totally excited about right now!

For the 1% of you that don’t know Guy Kawasaki, he’s a total grinder, the real-man’s Donald Trump, a marketing machine who speaks-his-mind, a venture capitalist, hockey lover (yeah!), BA from Stanford, MBA from UCLA, former football linebacker, author of nine books, and a man I highly respect for always pushing us jedi-knight entrepreneurs to keep creating and thinking big. It’s this drive and motivation that inspired me to write my own book. So, I asked Guy what two things he’s totally excited about these days. His answers weren’t all that shocking but it’s hard to dis a man whose upbeat passion helped Apple become the rockstar brand they are today. Plus, what’s not to love about a fellow tech-geek infatuated with hockey?!

Guy Kawasaki

First, an iPad. I was skeptical at first: no printing, no Flash, no 3G (I bought mine before the 3G version), and no Microsoft Office, but I have come to love it. I haven’t bought a hardback book since April 2nd!

Second, my current MacBook. It’s got 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 500-gigabyte solid-state drive. It’s the best Mac I’ve owned, and I’ve owned too many to count.