Nothing you do for your home is ever wasted

Since I just moved into a new studio, Apartment Therapy’s Big Book Of Small, Cool Spaces was a great find. After all, I need to come up with a plan that uses space as wisely as an owl and represents my lifestyle. Author Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan breaks down the home by chapter, with each one focusing on a different room or space. He starts with general thoughts and tips but also includes fundamentals and common elements that can make or break a space. Then he shares some stunning examples from around the country that give you ideas of your own and tie in the interior design academics the chapter started with. Most everything is clean and uncluttered, without compromising personality or character.

For me, it was pretty cool to learn about how the entrance to a home should be a functional transition from public to private life and how that idea has its roots in Ancient Greece. The home office section is also extremely useful for freelance creatives to develop a productive and energetic space to get their work done. But the best part is that it delivers education with a kick of motivation to improve your home. It’s a book that’s intended to be more than eye candy and an awesome resource for anyone who hasn’t studied interior design, but seeks inspiration outside of the IKEA showroom.