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Take fair trade coffee even further

I’d definitely sport a few of these upcycled ottomans in a workplace lounge or loft space. Each one is upholstered using fair trade coffee bags and no two are exactly the same. If they also opened up for storage or I could hollow them out to make a George Costanza style fridge, they’d really rule.

Creative stop sign humor

I love love love when people get creative with civic property. We all know stop signs aren’t going away so you might as well have a lil’ street-art fun with em. It’s all about improving people’s lives and sometimes a little humor goes a long way. Check out more variations on the very funny MakeMyMood.

Short film shot entirely on iPhone4 and it’s incredible.

Wow, I’m so impressed by this short film, shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 and using the iMovie App. Did I mention they did it in 48 hours? Brilliant. As if you needed any more reasons to upgrade. Thanks to Jason for the tip.

Crying Children Photo Series

I can’t tell you how Canadian photographer Jill Greenberg made these kids cry or why they’re all topless but there’s something truly raw about these shots. It’s fascinating if not disturbing. Plenty more crying kids on LLGD.

You don’t need a computer to make a poster.

Damn straight! Love this clever Fabric Poster by Gergana Plummer. [via QCS]

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