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Give art a place to live with the wilhelmine project.

Heidi Hackemer lives in a New York converted storefront, and just like us, creativity gets her fired up. With the wilhelmine project, she’s opened up her East Village window to people who want to show off something, whether that be a painted canvas, original artwork, or some Jem dolls partaking in the Last Supper. Inspired creatives are encouraged to “take the space and make something you love.” Umm, yes please! Contact her here for the opportunity to display your masterpieces for a couple weeks, and if you’re lucky enough to call NYC home, stop by 203 E 4th Street between Avenue A and B for your daily dose of awesome.

The Royal Tenenbaums mini-figures!

Eli, Pagoda, Royal, Margot, Dusty, Richie and even young Dudley…all [y]our favorite characters from The Royal Tenenbaums now in mini-figure form. Almost as awesome as this:
Royal: Can we get somebody over here to kill these mice for us?
Margot: No. They belong to Chas. Or anyway he invented them.
Royal: Get him to stick them in a fucking cage or something.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Every now and then we benefit from seeing reminders that open our eyes to why we’re working so hard. It can be song lyrics, a Pecha Kucha presentation or a badass piece of art. For the professional dreamer in me, it was this line from an inspiring wall sticker, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So true. Check out more designs at Mm.

I need some Outside Lands in my life right now

I haven’t been to San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival before, but from what I can gather this year’s event in Golden Gate Park is shaping up to be something special. There are a bunch of bands I’d love to see live including The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, Freelance Whales, Phoenix and Empire of the Sun. And as if that isn’t enough to keep occupied, Outside Lands also sports wine tastings, great food from local vendors and outside art installations. Being in SF, you also know organizers will be on top of staying eco-friendly and making sure everyone has a good time. I’ll take that any day over a summer NASCAR race in the Bible Belt. What’s so great about rednecks, crappy beer, hotdogs and burning fossil fuels anyways? All the action goes down soon (August 14 + 15) so now’s the time to get your plans in order for an awesome weekend.

There’s no need to be downhearted

No matter how confident you are, sometimes you just need a little bit of reassurance. Rebecca of Rar Rar Press totally gets this and that’s why she stood out as one my favorite vendors at Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles. Her postcards and posters instantly made me smile and had the edgy positive vibes that separate them from the usual Hallmark pc bullshit. They make a perfect gift for you or your friends and if you ever wanted a creative way to convince someone to visit, this has got to win them over. Right?

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