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What happens when you combine a computer and a typewriter?

If I was typing these words on a typewriter, I probably would’ve made at least six mistakes and wouldn’t have been able to backspace. What a pain! If you like typewriters but hate making errors on them, you can get a hold of a USB typewriter, a brainchild of Jack Zylkin. It’s plugged into your monitor via USB, replacing the standard keyboard and instantly making you better than everyone else. If you use it at an office space, your co-workers will call you “that one worker with the typewriter” and talk about you in the lunchroom. That is okay. You’re awesome and your choice of technology is awesome. I’ve seen a lot of strange home-made things come from Etsy users, but these typewriters are anything but. See how it works here! (via Wired)

No time for cameras, no time for crying

I didn’t really get into Matt & Kim until I decided to check out their set during Pitchfork Music Festival in 2009. But something about that show reminded me that sometimes music’s not just about the music, but the personalities behind it and how they make you feel. The couple’s enthusiasm is just so infectious that it’s hard to imagine anyone feeling miserable around them. I’m probably not the only one that got pumped for their new single Cameras after this interview, but it’s out today and it’s a sing-along so have a listen below.

Matt & Kim – Cameras

A Deer Wearing Gym Socks

It’s hard to imagine one’s reaction to seeing a deer wearing gym socks. This whimsical bit of crazy comes from Charmaine Olivia and could easily be yours on a t-shirt, canvas, laptop sleeve or iPhone. However, I’m still trying to guess what you’re reaction would be to seeing a deer in gym socks. Do tell in the comments!

Interactive video from Arcade Fire takes you down memory lane

When Google Maps first launched, I was blown away by the ability to look at neighborhoods via satellite. The Arcade Fire’s newest video, featuring the song “We Used To Wait,” has taken the Google Maps application one step further by incorporating HTML5, transforming the web experience into an interactive tour. After entering the home address of where you grew up, sit back and enjoy your urban adventure. The video is aptly named The Wilderness Downtown, and is best viewed in Google Chrome; make sure you close all other browsing windows and exit other programs before attempting to watch. (via Wired)

Arcade Fire's newest video

So many ways to live a life, how do you choose just one?

The United States is a country with more lifestyles than some countries have television channels and I think that sometimes we’re all too quick to take for granted the freedom of choice that exists. That’s what Jake Stangel’s photography collection reminds me as I flip through the beautiful images. Be a devout cold weather surfer in Oregon, a city slicker in NYC or a farmer helping the nation’s children grow up strong. And why choose just one? You’ll probably live long enough to sample a few different flavors.

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