Knitta Please…starts a crafty revolution.

It’s sorta like graffiti, only fuzzier. That’s right, guerilla knitters are hitting the streets and improving the urban landscape, one stitch at a time with yarn bombing, a crafty tagging sensation. They transform depressing, mundane structures with uplifting woolly creations, starting conversations about the environment and undoubtedly bringing smiles to many. Surprisingly, knit graffiti has been around for quite some time. Magda Sayeg founded Knitta Please in 2005, and artsy yarnarchists have been getting nifty with the needles ever since. Find the sneaky stitchings festooned over parking meters, telephone booths, boring statues, and the Great Wall of China, just to name a few. Bonus: knit graffiti is completely removable, so the po-po will have a hard time denying your rights to crochet the street sign an argyle sweater. Whaddup now, knitta? [via My Modern Metropolis]