Behold! The disappearing bike, for cyclists lacking space

Living in San Francisco, I am blessed with an apartment in an old, transformed Victorian mansion. Unfortunately, that means we have those infamous “railroad” hallways that run about three feet wide. With two avid bikers living in such a small space, it’s an obstacle course to get from the front door to the kitchen without tripping over tires, bike helmets, and locks. If only my roommates had a Thinbike, the love child of Treehugger founder Graham Hill and German bike makers Schindelhauer. With fancy attachments like the “Speedlifter Twist” (it allows the handlebars to be positioned sideways), the Thinbike’s width is reduced from 22’’ to a mere 8’’ wide. Just think of what you could do with all that extra hallway space! Ideas include having a dance party, playing double-dutch jump rope, or creating an indoor water slide. Not to mention that the white design juxtaposed against your wall will almost make it look like an art installation instead of a bike.