Good vibes and high fives with ReForm School

At Holiday Matinee, high fives are our hustle, so we were stoked when the ReForm School ladies asked us to join in the fun at their free high five booth last weekend. The Sunset Junction Street Fair has been dishing out tons of live music, interesting people watching, serious day drinking, and typical festival booths for 30 years. Since Billie and Tootie’s crafty retail store is right in the middle of the madness on Sunset Boulevard, they decided to do something a little different this year.

We set up camp early and went to work saving lives with high fives and bringing smiles to hundreds of faces. Our goal was 1,000 high fives, but by the end of the day, 1,321 skins had been slapped. It was funny to see people ignoring us like cell phone peddlers at the mall, but once they realized what we were “selling,” they quickly rushed over for a five or two. Even the coolest hipster or grumpiest grandpa couldn’t escape our powerful pull. I don’t blame them, who can resist a gesture that’s guaranteed to make your day?

Our booth reminded us of a lemonade stand, so we asked folks to help us stir up some “Awesome Lemonade.” The ingredients were simple: tell us something awesome you learned or saw today. A few of the answers were pretty hilarious, and you can see them here along with a bunch of other action shots from our fun-filled day. Hooray for high fives!