You’ve been nighttiming baby and it’s out of control

Something I always wonder about when it comes to creativity is the quandary over when to do one’s work. I’ve always found that great work doesn’t necessarily mean hours of forced concentration. Sure, that has it’s place when you’re talking about delivering on a project, but more often than not I find creative pursuits to be more about catching a wave – a right place, right time kind of thing. When is that time for you? Do you fancy yourself an early morning lark, a night owl or just somewhere in between? And why do we always use birds for these metaphors anyways? It’s like either way we just want to tell people we’re fly.

I know I’m not a lark. I detest mornings and can’t understand why I’d need to talk to anyone before 9AM. Hit me up at 1:37AM and that’s cool though. Even if I establish a sleep pattern to be functional in the early morning, it never feels as good as starting the day a bit later. The thing I’ll readily admit is I enjoy aspiring to be a night person. There’s a certain sexiness that follows the label and I love how it feels to create something you believe is brilliant in the late hours. I’m about to sound like I’m just getting high every night, but it’s as if the daytime is gridlocked with interference from everyone going about their business. At night, my mind is free to breathe and use any transmission or channel I’d like. But enough about me. Who do you think is the most productive…creative…awesome?