Vintage inspired glasses only $95 and pays it forward

I seriously love finding new online shops that enable me to buy with confidence and feel good about my purchases. Not to mention, seeing UPS roll up to your door is WAY BETTER than visiting some bullshit big-box retailer. Enter Warby Parker. They’re a new alternative to trying on and buying glasses. First off, their style is totally cool. Think Brooklyn professional meets Silverlake hipster. And while shopping for new specs is tough and very personal, WP offer several perks to make it stress-free.

First up, you can upload a photo of your face and virtually try-on any pair. It’s a cool option but still not there yet. Realizing that, WP allow you to pick up to 5 pairs for home try-on and they cover shipping both ways. Yup, I did just that and within the comforts of my own home (and opinions of friends who came over) I immediately realized tortoise trumps black. Three days later there was a UPS slip on my mailbox and a new pair of frames on my face. Not to mention, customer service was outstanding and all frames cost just $95. As if that wasn’t enough, they rock the TOMS Shoes model, for every pair of glasses purchased, WP donates a pair to someone in need. Yup, seeing just got a whole lot better!