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Vintage inspired glasses only $95 and pays it forward

I seriously love finding new online shops that enable me to buy with confidence and feel good about my purchases. Not to mention, seeing UPS roll up to your door is WAY BETTER than visiting some bullshit big-box retailer. Enter Warby Parker. They’re a new alternative to trying on and buying glasses. First off, their style is totally cool. Think Brooklyn professional meets Silverlake hipster. And while shopping for new specs is tough and very personal, WP offer several perks to make it stress-free.

First up, you can upload a photo of your face and virtually try-on any pair. It’s a cool option but still not there yet. Realizing that, WP allow you to pick up to 5 pairs for home try-on and they cover shipping both ways. Yup, I did just that and within the comforts of my own home (and opinions of friends who came over) I immediately realized tortoise trumps black. Three days later there was a UPS slip on my mailbox and a new pair of frames on my face. Not to mention, customer service was outstanding and all frames cost just $95. As if that wasn’t enough, they rock the TOMS Shoes model, for every pair of glasses purchased, WP donates a pair to someone in need. Yup, seeing just got a whole lot better!

Dreams and art always make a good mix

You either wake up upset from dreams because they’re terrible or you wake up really upset because they don’t mirror reality. Nonetheless, there’s a good chance that Yeller Studio’s latest dream-themed art show, When We Sleep, won’t ruin your following morning. The show opens at Subtext Gallery tomorrow at 6 PM, so if you want to get your early fix of dream-like fantasy sans the oversleeping and Inception-esque mind invasion, don’t miss out!

Yesterday I decided my future

While packing for New York, I found an old journal and this was the last thing I ever wrote. It was the day before I graduated college and two days before I moved to San Diego. Now 12 years later,  today is my last day in San Diego and I’m ready to write the next chapter. Here goes…

Drool-worthy art made from candy

Much like Hansel and Gretel, I am crazy about tangible objects made from edible treats. I was one of those kids with the sugar candy necklaces, saving the best colors for last. Taiwanese artist YaYa Chou (seriously awesome name for someone who’s inspired by food) is creating art with confections in her Gummi Bear sculptures. I’m pretty sure I’d be ignoring the “Don’t Touch” signs in a museum if I saw these pieces. (via Flavorpill)

YaYa Chou's Gummy Bear Rug

Getting through my sneaker grief stages

I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes I have a really hard time trashing old sneakers. They could be filthy, worn down and giving me a heel injury but I’ll still sport a pair that reminds me of good times. My Vintage Nike Waffles and Black Vans have got to go, but I also don’t think I plan on straying too far either. They’ve been out for a while (sneaker snobs don’t hate) but I’m absolutely feeling the Nike Air Pegasus ’89 remake. It’s clean, urban, back to school (even if I’m not) and keeps me in touch with my running roots. Best bet’s eBay for these.

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