Pedal your carbon footprint away on the TATO Commuter Tour

The best kind of commute is convenient, comfortable, and cool, and if you’re lucky enough to live close to your destination, you probably should be pedaling. A few months back, we discovered the Central Storage System for Bicycles (CSSB) from Swiss startup TATO, and were immediately drawn to its sexy black frame and innovative design. Since I commute to work on two wheels each day, I liked the idea of freeing up my shoulders and storing my messenger bag within the frame instead. The bike is also loaded with tons of sweet stuff, like Shimano components, hydraulic disc brakes for fast hill descents, and a solid suspension fork to reduce the shock of those wheelies off the stairs.

We reached out to Jean-Louis Francescotti, creator and head designer of the project, and asked to test ride and review the bicycle. Sustainable satisfaction overwhelmed our souls when Jean-Louis volunteered to come out to California to personally deliver the bike and explain its environmental features. Here’s where you come in. On Friday, September 10th, we’re putting together a short film of our friends sizing up the ride at the usual Holiday Matinee stomping grounds. In true bike sharing fashion, we’ll be passing the bicycle around from 12pm to dusk, collecting feedback from various velo pals. The frame is a good fit for riders between 5’6 and 6’0, and the storage space is almost 4 inches wide; perfect for that laptop case, reusable BAGGU, or slim booze container of your choosing. Come help us load the CSSB with strange shit as we ride throughout bike-friendly neighborhoods with our new friend from Switzerland.

Hope to see a variety of cyclists out there and if you don’t live in San Diego, follow our journey via #TATOtour. Feel free to email me with any questions and don’t forget your helmet!