PARK(ing) Day 2010 was damn fun

Last Friday, Holiday Matinee participated in the PARK(ing) Day movement, promoting awareness for more urban green space across the world.

In San Diego, we orchestrated our own parking space takeover with Sezio in Little Italy. We caused a huge scene after a complaint, drawing police and parking enforcement, but averted being shut down. Strangers, tourists and locals learned about the cause and most everyone we spoke to loved it! Local business owners dropped off meals and snacks from the kindness of their hearts and we made a lot of new friends that just wanted to hang out. Andy and James Ralph from Writer capped the event with a street performance.

In San Francisco, Hannah found the Hayes Valley surrounded by PARK(ing) Day veterans and crowds outside storefronts talkin’ about a revolution where no cars existed. One such business was Timbuk2, a SF-based company that manufactures and sells awesome “tough as hell” messenger bags (and other goodies). They gave out the 3 best B’s – BBQ, beer and bike tune-ups.

The day was an incredible sense of community and if nothing else, people with common interests gathered to spend some quality offline time together. That’s something you’ve got to love. For all the photo goodness click here.