Riding bikes and chasing dreams.

Riding a bike is one of my favorite things to do, but meeting people that are passionate about their ideas is also high up on my list. Last week, I got to experience both as I pedaled around San Diego with my new Swiss friend on the TATO Commuter Tour. Jean-Louis and I spent a couple days testing out the CSSB, and it is a pretty sweet ride. Aside from its black matte frame reminiscent of a Stealth Bomber, I really appreciated the disc brakes that helped me stop faster than a Maury DNA test. But I bet you’d like to hear more about the frame, right? Well, since I tend to cycle with my knees inward, I did experience a slight discomfort when I first hopped on, but that promptly disappeared within the first few seconds of riding. I was able to store my messenger bag conveniently, and the freedom felt really nice. While some expressed nervousness about loading the CSSB with an expensive laptop, I’d argue that the rigid structure would protect your baby better than a bag on your somersaulting self.

It was a lot of fun to shred the streets on a brand new bicycle, but JL’s stories about making his dreams a reality were just as inspirational. Motivated by his own biking frustrations, he started this project on the side of his nine to five, and it’s apparent he truly believes in the bicycle’s benefits. Technology was also a common conversation topic, as he explained the low barriers to entry and the tendency for good news to travel fast on the World Wide Web. Jean-Louis’ mission is more than just a fancy bike design; it’s about starting the alternatives to daily transportation conversation and giving people the means to commute more easily. So, what do you think? Would you roll up to your office on this bike, or do you prefer another set of sustainable wheels?

Check out more photos from the TATO Commuter Tour here and high fives for everyone that helped make this experience super rad!