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This Halloween, masquerade as an oldies crooner

While clicking around for Halloween costume ideas, I stumbled on this great (and easy!) DIY craft that transforms old record sleeves into awesome masks. The best part is that it only requires scissors, string, a pencil, and a record sleeve with a to-scale human face (easily purchased at a local used record store, if collecting vinyl isn’t your thing). Check out the simple steps and get your craft on!

It’s Friday. Let’s play the photo caption game.

Saverio Truglia is a talented photographer in Chicago that among other things, is known for his offbeat images. I picked out a few of my favorites, so let’s see who can come up with the best captions. Whatcha got?

Would you live here?

Elmer Krose spotted this unique caravan apartment complex in Amsterdam. I don’t know whether I’d want to live in this permanently, but it’d be sick to rent out for a week with a bunch of friends. Oh and fun fact I just learned: Mokum is a nickname still used for Amsterdam. It’s Yiddish for safe haven.

What are you doing today?

One super awesome life tip is to choose two things you’d like to do when you get up and write them down before anything else distracts you. Maybe they’re work related or maybe they’re about having fun, but these are two things you’re going to hold yourself accountable for. Two is such a simple commitment that you’ll feel pretty ridiculous by not doing them. Repeat and you’ll be surprised at how much work you’ve done and the good times you’ve had over a week, month or year. Thankfully, there are people like Mary Kate McDevitt that make mini-goal chalkboards to keep us on track. I’d consider buying one of these as an investment in me.

4,000 pictures in 2 minutes

Next time I go on vacation, remind me to bring along Mike Matas to chronicle the adventures and then create a stunning video sequence to sum up the experience. Other awesome clips include Phoenix to LA in 10 seconds and 7,000 frames per second.

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