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Sanitation is very sexy, don’t you think?

Search For The Obvious is a project of the Acumen Fund with a slightly different approach when it comes to charity. Instead of just rounding up as much cash as possible, it’s refreshing to see they believe creativity holds the solutions to many of the world’s problems and are making a community around this idea. Acumen routinely funds innovative ideas like new business models to support ambulance services or cost-effective water purification. Their latest challenge to creatives is using all the brainpower they have to raise awareness about sanitation in developing countries. The idea here? Make sanitation the next sexy cause with as little as a tweet, story, poster or video. If you enter you can be sure Mom will be proud. Winning entries get some love on GOOD, Design Observer, and the YouTube homepage.

Photo by Rémi Kaupp

Putting on shows for these tight kids

San Diego does have it’s mini version of SXSW with North Park Music Thing, but what I’m really excited about is what Sezio is putting together for the cool kids with it’s 4 Day Weekend. Eight bands over 4 nights are headlined by The Dodos, Avi Buffalo, Dominant Legs, and The Tree Ring in a giant living room setting. If you ask me, this is music done right and tickets are being kept affordable at $10/$15 a night. That being said, they’re selling fast so you’ll want to jump on this soon if you plan on going.

It’s funny because it’s true

Let’s face it. The internet is full of drugs. Patrick Moberg’s Internet Vices just happen to describe them perfectly.

Let’s double major in creativity and inspiration

If you’ve ever said the phrase “I wish they taught that in school” then you’ll love The School of Life. With the motto “Ideas to Live By,” this not-so-average school offers classes like “How to Balance Work and Life,” events with writers and artists, “Sunday Sermons” on happiness and productivity, and (my personal favorite) bibliotherapy, a way to help you discover books that fit your interests. Right now, they only have a London location, but fingers crossed they make it across the Atlantic soon! [via swissmiss]

Time to spruce up your screen

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Society6 is an artist’s community that allows members to share their portfolios, sell products and find new opportunities. They also recently released a fun new iPhone app (it’s free!) that dishes out 100 wallpapers from the community each day. Flipping through the images is addictive and they make it easy to save your favorites. Plus if you see some art you’re really digging, you can go directly to that artist’s studio to see what else they’re cooking up.

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