Awesome awaits you. Go get some.

Wikileaks, North Korea, Afghanistan and that loony woman up in Alaska…is it just me or could Billy Joel come out with an update to We Didn’t Start The Fire? It’s times like these that I think we have a choice – either get worried and depressed by it all or inject some positive energy by helping ourselves and others. For our new readers, this is what Holiday Matinee is all about. We really believe that the more people out there doing what they love, the better off this world will be. And that’s exactly why we put out a book this year – we wanted to share the stories of some amazing people, projects and ideas going on right now, in hopes that you will realize – hey, that could be me too.

I Swear To Good You Are God At This is an inspiring guide to being creative and making awesome that we know will make a meaningful gift for you or the people in your life that you really care about. Watch the trailer, buy the book or pick up a free digital preview right here. We have a funny feeling that what you read about is going to fire you up like nothing else.