I <3 various things.

It’s true. I love it when you think big. I love girls who wear big watches. I love people who appreciate good design. I love it when you say you love the little things and actually mean it. I love all things teriyaki. I love the smell after a good rain. I love living in New York. I love your smile. I love when you answer your Facebook chat with a text. I love people who carve pumpkins. I love chicken parm sandwiches. I love my cat Lucy. I love not being afraid to love. I love my family. I love homemade guacamole. I love the smell of an ice-rink. I love sneaking photos in a museum. I love taking off. I love awkward moments. I love your eyes on me. I love the song Excuses by The Morning Benders. I love DIY. I love collecting art. I love my friends who go after all they believe in. I love George Carlin. I love my Chuck Taylors. I love my job. I love the knobs on my great-grandmother’s dresser. I love hotels.  I love my headphones. I love my Holiday Matinee. And I definitely love this: