Written word is rad and don’t you forget it!

Musicians get all the play. I can’t blame anyone for the way things are because music holds a special connection for all, but I will say that sometimes the literary arts are underrated. That’s why it’s so important that organizations like online literary + arts project The Latent Print exist. The San Diego-based project offers an online platform for budding writers and artists to submit and publish their work, whether it’s creative writing, short stories, poetry or photography. It’s been around for a while, but the gals at The Latent Print have just put the finishing touches on a site redesign and are planning all sorts of events for the new year.

So if writing, photography and art is yo’ thang, you’ll want to check them out or follow them on the FB. They will absolutely be getting a submission from yours truly – let’s just hope I’m up to snuff for discriminating tastes. Seriously though, I’m glad this exists. If you’re like me and writing is your therapy, you know what I mean.