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Driven by hope and humor

My best bud, Joshua Krause just relaunched his website. If art, illustration and humor are your thing, throw a look his way. I dare you.

Has Dana Tanamachi always wanted to be a Tenenbaum too?

Holy cannoli, Dana Tanamachi’s chalk lettering is simply stunning. As if I needed more reasons to loathe my sloppy, little boy handwriting. [via minted condition]

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Potential years spent talking to a therapist condensed into one awesome poster, created by designers Alex (of Headup) and David Meiklejohn (of Budget Fabulous Films). Know someone who could use the simple advice? Buy the print here and spread the happiness.

Holiday Matinee’s February Mixtape!

Is there any other mixtape out there that gives you cake (not the band)? You’ll see what I mean in a sec, but this month we’ve got tracks new and old from Marching Band, The Tree Ring, Bill Withers, Terrordactyls, Das Racist and more. Seriously, making mixtapes for you guys has become one of our favorite monthly rituals. Hope you enjoy the new touches!

I just like to wear a walrus

Yes, it’s true. Upper Playground’s walrus is infinitely cooler than any crocodile, tiger or preppy douchebag polo player on a horse. But more importantly, UP’s latest lightweight hoodies are sharp and have me believing they had me in mind when designing them.

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