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When is retro not in?

When you think about sneakers, do you ever think “man, I really should move on to something new, but these kicks are classics, I just can’t”? Well, that’s pretty much my story when it comes to Chucks or Vintage Waffle Trainers, but another brand that has the same effect on me is Onitsuka Tiger. You know what you’re getting, but seeing what color combos or slight alterations are made is still somehow enticing. This year is no different. Onitsuka Tiger is back with their Retro Spring ’11 styles for men and women, several of which I dig. There’s also a slip-on I’m not sold on, I just think you’ve gotta be the right person to wear it.

We all know someone like this guy

Meet Chris. If you don’t know him already, you probably once knew someone exactly like him. I love it when comedians nail stereotypes, in this case that kid you knew in high school that thought he was a little more badass than he actually was.

Scratch away your latest adventure.

Forget pins, I’d rather scratch off my traveling conquests on this clever map. It would definitely motivate me to take that Iceland trip sooner. Perhaps I’ll practice with lottery tickets in the meantime…international flights ain’t going to fund themselves! [via Unstiched]

How to keep books close to your heart

Being a book lover is tough in today’s world. What with Kindles and NOOKs, it seems like less and less people want to carry around a juicy hardback in their purse. But all is not lost! Moorea Seal is helping book lovers wear their pride on their sleeve (or rather, around their neck). Her awesome mini-leather book necklaces have actual pages and won’t break your bank. Sooner or later, my entire wardrobe will be one literary tribute. Are you really that surprised?

Type nerds are going to drool over this.

My wallpaper can kick your wallpaper’s ass. Yes, I am a type nerd and yes, I am in love with this letterpress wallpaper. Don’t fight it, geekery for the home rocks! [via dude craft]

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