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Reward your geeky achievements with Nerd Merit Badges

I never made it to Girl Scouts (Brownies, represent!), but I do recall that patches, along with Kumbaya and craft fairs, were all the rage. In fact, their mantra should have been “make new friends, but cut a beezy for a badge.” But who really cares if we can camp together, peddle cookies outside a grocery store, or get high on life anyway? I think these Nerd Merit Badges are much more commendable, and no doubt I’ve diligently earned the “Family Tech Support” and “Inbox Zero” varieties. Unfortunately, the “Printer Hero” badge is the only one that comes with these super fresh letterpress backs from Dolce Press, since a regular copy job couldn’t embody “the heroic vanquishment of these godawful beige-colored killers of our souls.” Hell to the yes, I’ll take one of each please.

We’re hosting a DIY terrariums, beer drinking, pizza eating, best afternoon ever event.

Hey Brooklyn, let’s spend a Sunday afternoon together. We’re taking over the outdoor garden at Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick and having our friends The Ecology Center show us how to make terrariums. It’s going to be the jam and did I mention the free pizza, beer, wine and natural sodas? Yup, this is how we roll. Plus, we’re pumped to co-host this event with, a new initiative that fosters collective action around a single event. So come join us and others who believe in doing good and having fun. RSVP for free admission.

Drunk guy crashes live news report.

Local news is pure comedy. The title kind of says it all. [via Etsy Dudes]

Get access to an off-limits library with the world’s largest indoor photo

Photo geeks and bookworms, unite! Photographer Jeffrey Martin, along with his robot-controlled Canon 550D camera, has taken the world’s largest indoor photograph — a 40-gigapixel, 360-degree image of the Philosophical Hall, a reading room in Prague’s 868-year-old Strahov monastery library that’s usually off-limits to tourists. The 283 GB image lets you zoom in close enough to read the rare book titles. I know what I’m going to be doing for the next hour. [via Wired]

Photo: Evan Rail/

Remember when music videos were awesome?

Bring on the face-paint, robo-trippin’ choreographed partytime. Tuneyards new video is the jam and unless you hate being awesome, it’s time to check-in and become the mayor of happytown. Added bonus from our pals at 4AD, you can score a free download of “Bizness” right here.

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