I guess he’s good for a rapper who’s on a TV show

To admit I like Donald Glover just a little bit would be an understatement. But instead of picking apart the intricacies of his latest Childish Gambino EP (it’s straight crack per usual) I thought I’d just explain what I can’t get enough of. For people like me and all you creatives out there, he’s made rap relevant again. Street life is something I don’t (and sure hope to never) relate to, but mention your work being your playtime and you’ve got my ear. Witty pop culture lyrics mentioning Twitter, Ariel Pink and The Social Network? Yes please. Overcoming self-doubt and pressing on with faith it’s all going to pay off? Hell yes! It’s something that feels like it was written for me and to cap it off the dude’s been totally real and human discussing a frenetic work pace and the roller-coaster feelings of a creative lifestyle. So enjoy this totally free EP you can download here and I promise I’m going to shut the hell up about Donald Glover… you know unless I get to interview him or something.

Childish Gambino – Lights Turned On