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Remember when music videos were awesome?

Bring on the face-paint, robo-trippin’ choreographed partytime. Tuneyards new video is the jam and unless you hate being awesome, it’s time to check-in and become the mayor of happytown. Added bonus from our pals at 4AD, you can score a free download of “Bizness” right here.

Make a G today and not in a sleazy way

When I spend time or money reading a book that isn’t strictly for pleasure, I’m hoping for it to be an investment in me. I want it to teach me something, to inspire me to take action and do something differently. Guy Kawasaki’s latest book Enchantment really did that for me.

Enchantment is a book that’s for anyone who wants to learn more about how to change the hearts, minds and actions of people. Whether it’s for your career or just day-to-day interpersonal relationships, Guy lays down some awesome fundamentals, all of which are centered around not being sleazy or withholding information from people, but being likeable for the right reasons and establishing trust. It’s a book about how the way you treat your customers may be the single most important thing you do for your business and I say that with customers and business being loose terms. A lot of people are technically your customers and your business can mean many things.

Some of my favorite takeaways were when it makes sense to swear, how any company that thinks disenchanted employees can enchant customers is foolish and that projecting and pursuing your own passions is what makes you enchanting. And I totally agree, hearing someone talk about their passions in life can be a total turn-on. As far as investments go, picking up this book for under $15 is totally worth it and may do more for you than an expensive credentialed program does, provided you take things to heart and reference it regularly.

The Museum of Natural Mother Fucking Awesomeness

I’ve never been to this museum before, but something tells me I’d like it. Brains, butterflies, Brachiosaurus and apparently, lots more mother fucking awesomeness…I’m in! Oh yeah, and Jessica Hische, your other stuff is pretty cool too. [via Friends of Type]

Are you a list fiend just like me?

Then you’re going to love Listgeeks. In a nutshell, it’s a relatively new social network where people can create and share lists of things that matter to them. I told myself that I wouldn’t get involved with another social networking site, but when I read about this the other day, I signed up immediately. Since Tuesday, I’ve been making lists about everything from weird things that have made me cry to things I do when I wait for bread to toast. I can even make my own list based on a list someone else already created. What lists would you make? Maybe you need to make a list of lists you’d make and list reasons why you should join the site.

Holiday Matinee’s March Mixtape!

You guys seem to dig the comedic openings so we’ll keep them coming. But this month we’ve even add some Classic Nickelodeon flashbacks for ya, along with The Elected, Avett Brothers, The Lemonheads and more.

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