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Holiday Matinee’s April Mixtape!

We’re going heavy on soul, but it’s just too good to pass up and someone’s gotta get you your fix, right? Don’t fret if you’re looking to jive to something else though because there’s plenty to go around. You’ll find Dirty Vegas, Digitalism, Thao & Mirah, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and more on this month’s collection.

Brutally honest logos

Viktor Hertzen reveals what some websites and brands are really all about by making a few adjustments to their logos! I’m curious to see what he’d do with logos for Fox News, MySpace, and Google. My prediction for Google is Spell Checker. You know it’s true.

A little tough love goes a long way

If I had this mug, I would: spend less time on Facebook and more time on creative projects, clean my room, teach my cats how to do tricks, perfect the art of making pizza dough, learn how to fly, take all my old junk to Goodwill, write a book (or at least a series of short stories), build an awesome spice rack in my kitchen, volunteer more, save the polar bears from extinction, and take some photography classes. What? You think some of those goals are unrealistic? Aim high, baby. Aim high. [via The Donut Project]

Announce your “I do’s” with vinyl.

I have received wedding announcements with ugly magnets or cheesy engagement photos, but I’ve yet to see one with its own vinyl. Designer Kelli Anderson created this awesome invitation for her two friends in honor of the “social role of music and its ability to bring people together.” The record inside the package comes with an original song written and sung by the bride and groom to be, and it can either be played on the paper booklet it arrives in or with the needle of your phonograph. Sorry Jill and Matt, your invite is no longer my fave. [via Mashable]

Fill your space with funny

I like random, whimsical things so I’m laughing checking out these paintings by Etsy seller Derek Erdman. Paul McCartney eating a banana? Giving a friend the Walrus one as a gift? Yeah, sounds like something I’d do.

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