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Blackout, sans hangover.

The second I saw Newspaper Blackout, I instantly fell in love. From the brilliant mind of Austin Kleon comes this amazingly simple concept: newspaper + marker = poetry. You can contribute your own (or just obsessively browse the archives like I’ve been doing for the past hour), and see how articles about finance or politics can transform into awesome pieces of art.

I’m not doing a sexual assault, am I?

Ah, the awkward sexual moment…best done in a British accent if you ask me. Alright, this is beyond awkward, but Peep Show is just an amazingly funny show. “This is possibly the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone ever.”

Prints worthy of the Golden State

We Californians love our coast and many others across the planet would probably admit to some California dreamin’. But these prints by Orange & Park, I think, are must haves for any graphic design-conscious resident of this state. Clean, beautiful type, yeah these are dope! And for San Diegans there’s even a beach towns print, seeing as how Ork Posters never made us a neighborhoods poster. Thanks Orange & Park for filling the void!

Update: Catch the latest Orange & Park prints here!

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