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I’m so glad this band isn’t buried

About a year ago I went sleuthing for info on Blake Sennett. Rilo Kiley or The Elected hadn’t put out an album since 2007 and I wanted to know if I could ever expect more. Various emails to record labels got me nowhere and an IMDB search only revealed he was working on screenwriting projects and taking an indefinite break from music. So when a couple months ago I heard rumors of a new Elected album, I was thrilled. Bury Me In My Rings was released today and totally hits the spot for me. Sennett goes for variety with shades of R&B influence and even a breezier, tropical feel (yep, there’s ukulele which is pretty sweet). Sure, you can read into his lyrics for veiled references to Jenny Lewis, and while some have called for him to give that a rest, I kind of never minded because it speaks to how there are people in all of our lives that we just can’t forget. Look At Me Now is a track I’ve had on repeat and is convincing me to make the drive to Los Angeles tonight to catch the release show. I’m excited for that, but if you can’t make that a summer tour has just been announced.

The Elected – Look At Me Now

The Recycled Wallet

I’ve been sporting Holstee’s recycled wallet since moving to New York and on behalf of my ass and the MTA, thank you. Seriously, getting to my subway card is a piece of cake and gone are the days of thick, bulky wallets. I confess, purple wasn’t my first choice color-wise but the fact that these wallets are made from upcycled plastic bags and newspapers collected from the streets of Delhi, well, suddenly fashion didn’t equate in my decision. Each wallet is one-of-a-kind and with 100% biodegradable packaging. There’s no hiding my love of Holstee. Get your bills in check and pick up one of these right here.

Bike + sewing machine = love.

The story behind these peSeta caps is pretty romantic. Bike meets sewing machine. Bike and sewing machine fall in love. Together, they create some pretty cool cycling caps for New Museum. Yessir, I’m adding this to the list of things I totally heart about Spain.

Don’t keep a dream a subject to be ridiculed

I’ve always felt like the shuffle on my iTunes is biased, but don’t you totally love it when it brings a song back in your life that really means something to you? I remember finding out about this band (Stairwell) years back on a message board when someone suggested them, but little did I know their message would give me the courage to take some risks and move to California. It’s not musically the greatest song out there, but it doesn’t need to be. This lyric means the world to me.

“Why don’t you be what you always want to be, why don’t you go where you wanted to go? I don’t see a single thing that’s truly keeping you, why don’t you go where you wanted to go?”

Stairwell – “Ancient Ruins”

Why the future of work is play.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending PSFK’s NY Conference. It brought together some heavy-hitting creatives (I’d suggest watching the talks from Airbnb, Thrillist and Kickstarter) but the most compelling (and best executed IMO) came from Aaron Dignan. He’s not only a Jason Schwartzman look-alike but a new author and successful trends strategist. Aaron explained how we’re totally bored in places that matter (i.e. school, work) and offered game mechanics as a solution to fixing this. I gotta say, I found his reasoning both humorous and insightful. I definitely agree that game mechanics has become an enormous part of our everyday culture and I love the idea of experimentation in our schools and workplace, but I’m also hopeful that gaming doesn’t become a be-all, end-all. solution I mean, I love a good ass-kicking as much as the next guy but there are plenty of days I just want to unplug, take a deep breath and soak up the unexpected…without keeping score. BTW, Aaron’s book looks awesome. Bonus points for making a trailer.

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