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Come ride bikes with us in Coronado!

Riding bikes is always fun, but if it’s a glorious summer day in a beautiful place with your friends, it can’t be beat. Our new friends at Orange & Park (yup, the same dudes that make these awesome prints) are hosting Circumnavigation, their 2nd annual biking event, this Sunday, July 3rd at Star Park in Coronado. Monique and I will be cruising out for this one so join us for the leisurely ride and a few beers afterwards, or by the looks of it, during!

Explore Brooklyn’s creative spaces with the Makers Project

So this is where the magic happens. I’ll spare you the Cribs reference here ‘cuz I’m talking about The Makers Project. It’s my new favorite place to discover passionate people making things, and more importantly, people making things happen. Jennifer Causey is from Brooklyn, and she’s a big fan of the handmade revolution. Her beautiful photos capture some of New York’s finest doing what they love in their creative spaces, and the interviews keep the inspiration coming. Currently drooling over the Mast Brothers’ beards and I’m sure their chocolate is just as delicious. Yes please!

Images: Jennifer Causey of The Makers Project

What would you take if your home was on fire?

I ponder this all the time, but I never thought it would paint such an interesting and intimate picture. The Burning House, curated by Foster Huntington, is a really neat collection of photos that show what people would take with them in the event of a fire. I don’t like thinking about my home going down in flames, but I like thinking about what I’d refuse to leave behind. It’s fascinating browsing through the submissions and thinking about the stories behind each listed item. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do. Maybe you’ll take a picture of your own prized possessions and make a submission. I know I will!


A handmade Richie Tenenbaum that would make Chas and Eli jealous.

This is the part where I say, “working at Etsy certainly has its privileges.” I just stumbled upon this gem and oh man do I want! It’s no secret, I love Richie Tenenbaum about as much as Max Fischer, Bob Mapplethorpe and Mr. Littlejeans.

Explosions in the Sky release first-ever music video for new single.

It might be their first-ever music video but wow was it worth the wait. “Last Known Surroundings” is a total jam and the video is a piece of artistic mastery. Directed by Austin creative shop Ptarmak, I urge you to stop everything you’re doing, put your headphones on and bliss out to the best 8 minutes of your day.

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