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Reminder: You can make it happen

Reminder: You can make it happen. Seriously, get out there. And if you need help, let us know, we got your back.

Holiday Matinee’s June Mixtape!

We couldn’t help it. It’s tough to limit mixes to twelve songs, so to kick off our 3rd year of mixtapes we’ve got a little something extra. It’s got laughs, a killer cover and absolute jams from Foster The People, I’m From Barcelona and plenty more.

Retro sneaker meets slip-on comfort

The search for the most comfortable sneaker with creative style is officially over. The winner is Sanuk, a Southern California footwear company whose Thai name translates to fun. They sent me a pair of these black sidewalk surfers and it’s made walking in NYC the most comfortable experience since moving here last year. Now I’ve got my eyes on the Latte Shore Leave. Seriously, do your feet a favor and check out Sanuk. It’s like walking on yoga-mats (which is used in many of their shoes).

Design studio creates walls from stacks of recycled magazines.

Damn those Swedes, they think of everything! Elding Oscarson is the architectural duo responsible for turning stacks of recycled magazines into office walls of graphic design agency, Oktavilla. I will never look at old magazines the same. More stunning photos and video here.

Why are photographs of celebrities when they were young so awesome?

The only thing more fascinating than our obsession with celebrities is seeing photographs of when they were young. And that’s exactly the theme of this new Tumblr site.  Check out how sexy Helen Mirren and Martha Stewart were back in the day! It’s a great site, though my only gripe is the lack of photographer credits. Thanks to Yewknee for the discovery.

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