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Be A Part of World-Shaking Change

I feel like if you’re a true believer in design, you know there’s more to it than being really really ridiculously good-looking. You recognize that design can inspire social change and do so much more than fuel a consumer economy. Well, there’s a mega design opportunity going on right now – the search is on for a new logo for human rights since it doesn’t have a globally recognized symbol. Sure, there will be a lot of entries and the competition will be tight, but there’s a lot at stake here. The right symbol will go a long way towards accelerating change and making sure even those less fortunate see a fraction of what we take for granted every day in our country. Entries are due by July 31st and it’d be awesome to see a few submissions by HM readers. Let us know know if you do! [via TBD]

Samuel L. Jackson tucks you into bed with a story

Part of the reason I turned out a halfway well-adjusted person was that I was not read bedtime stories like these. The first few pages of this precious little story are hilarious, but I think it could benefit from being either a bit shorter or keeping the listener guessing about exactly when the f-bombs drop. Still made me laugh though – thanks Butch!

Awesome people hanging out together

Celebrity schmoozing is nothing new, but it’s hard to ignore the radness that is awesome people hanging out together. While the blog clearly has a thing for Dalí and The Beatles, there are many other surprising friendships of yesteryear. I mean, where else can you find Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Johnny Depp riding around with a blow-up doll or Snoop and Martha whisking brownie batter? Okay, maybe Google Images, but this site is more fun. [via yewknee]

Could this be the weekend bag you’re looking for?

If you’re like me, you’ve been on the hunt for a solid weekend bag for some time now. Thankfully, this just happened. It’s called the Weekender and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be your new buddy. Built-in shoulder straps, laptop compartment, quick access bottlepocket, water resistant and comes in so many colorways I’m having a hard time deciding which to get. Available from Qwstion direct or our pals in Philly, WeJetSet.

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