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Hello super geeky doormat.

If you slide your feet across this doormat, it will open your door! OK, it’s not true, but still very cool. Available on Meninos, which sells plenty of super geeky products for the nerd in all of us. [via BTS]

We’re addicted which means Starbucks can get away with ads like this.

Ok, so this isn’t a real ad but the point is heavily taken. And sure, there are several cases of  brands committing epic fails (i.e. The Gap) but Starbucks knows they’ve got us by the balls and we’re coming in every day for their crack. You pull off an ad like this – it’ll probably piss off most of America…but damn would I love it.

Do-Tell: Blake Sennett [interview]

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, chances are that Blake Sennett has been involved with something you remember fondly. After circling around Kettner Blvd. and finding the tour van a parking spot outside The Casbah, I chatted with Blake about his recent tour for The Elected, Rilo Kiley’s breakup, Boy Meets World and Suzanne Somers (yup, that actually came up). Oh and let’s not forget two things he’s excited about right now. Have a listen below.

Blake Sennett Interview

Blake Sennett Interview

Have you heard of rooftopping photography? It’s only the most amazing thing.

Words that come to mind when viewing this new craze in photography: unbelievable, gorgeous, epic, daring, brave, holy shit, dangerous, beautiful, limitless, totally crazy, colorful, pure, fantastic, impressed, awesome, ridiculous… What am I missing? Snap away with more breathtaking pics on My Modern Met. Just don’t kill yourself.

World’s first-ever senior citizen LipDub!

If this is what’s in store for retirement, sign me up. Big props to the Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Totally put a smile on my face.

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